A routine inspection that becomes not so routine.

Time for another inspection to see how the frames are filling out, and to check the hive beetle trap.

There are a lot more bees on the top of the frames than when we last looked.

The outer frame remains untouched; not yet time to add a super (a hive box with additional frames placed above the brood box).

Drone frame.

The bees are drawing out comb on the drone frame, but no eggs or larvae are evident. We decide to move both these frames to the center of the brood box to encourage the bees to fill them out. The bees come boiling out of the hive, and before I know it there are bees flying around inside of my bee veil.  I run around the yard trying to escape the attackers while my mentor patiently waits at the hive (in his very nice bee suit). I’m stung about a half a dozen times – I guess it’s time to upgrade my protective gear.

Hive entrance 15 minutes after inspection.

The bees are still stirred up 15 minutes later. It is clear they did not appreciate this inspection. Inserting an empty frame into the center of the brood didn’t make this any better.

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