Late summer maintenance in the beeyard

The Sandhurst beeyard as of 8-23-10. I have been cutting back the trees to give the hives a bit more sun.

Apiguard application.

I have been doing sticky board counts weekly since honey harvest, and three of the hives are dropping more than 20 mites per day, so I applied Apiguard to all the hives. The nucs got 12.5g; all the others got 25 g. These doses are low, but the temperatures are into the 90’s, and Apiguard is supposedly more potent at higher temps.

I recently gave a talk about beekeeping to my local Boy Scout troop. There is some controversy among beekeepers regarding Scouting, as the Beekeeping Merit Badge was discontinued in 1995, supposedly due to lack of interest among Scouts, and possibly due to lack of beekeeping mentors. There is a movement afoot to restore this merit badge, but I doubt it will happen any time soon.

Talking about bees to the Boy Scouts.

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